Saturday, June 29, 2019

June Meditations

I know, I know, I don't even have May meditations up yet, let alone June. Busy around here. I'll get to this one of these days!


Friday, May 31, 2019

Services and Pricing

My services and pricing are listed here in this post. I combine two techniques which work wonders with healing both your Mind and Body. The Mind-Body are already One, but I separate them to assist clients in understanding how this connection really works.

First and foremost, I offer a free session in regards to teaching you the basics of meditation in Prescott and EFT Tapping. Or, just meditation, or just EFT Tapping in Prescott. Please email me or call me (my contact information is listed below,) so I can answer any of your questions and concerns, as well as to schedule your first introductory session. After your free intro session you are not obligated to do anything else. Yet, hopefully this introductory session will provide you with enough information and some practical experience for you to schedule a full session with me. My services and rates are listed below this picture.

The services I charge for go something like this: First, we will spend some time covering what it is that's bothering you, similar to a healthcare professional intake form and interview. This 'interview' will last as long as we need it to. I'm here to listen to you and collect as much information as I can. 

If you choose my services, we then spend 90 minutes together working on an issue you are having difficulty with. What will we be doing for these 90 minutes? Two techniques for my protocol: EFT Tapping and Guided Meditation. The cost for this 90 minute session is $65.00. I accept cash, credit and debit. 

The issues I work with can be either physical ailments, metal issues, or anything you choose to improve or work on. Over the past 10 years I have worked with thousands of clients with hundreds of different issues. So, don't be afraid to discuss with me what's ailing you! It's best for you to be as specific as possible so we can truly get to the root of the issue, not just the superficial symptoms.

If you have not learned EFT Tapping in Prescott from our free session together, or you don't know how to meditate, I will teach you these techniques. They are short and simple, yet highly effective. First we begin with EFT Tapping, Emotional Freedom Techniques, to 'stir up' and work through whatever is bothering you. This treatment usually lasts approximately 30 minutes or a bit longer, depending on how you response to this form of treatment. If you don't know what EFT Tapping IS, please visit this page below for a long, drawn out explanation of the protocol. It's not nearly as complicated and drawn-out as all the words on this page make it seem. Visit here, What Is EFT Tapping? Yes, this is my old Las Vegas page. I just haven't had time to move the information over to my EFT Tapping In Prescott page just yet.

Guided meditation is in order after we work through issues with EFT Tapping. If you don't know how to meditate, no worries. I'll teach you. We will begin with the very basics on how to meditate, and probably won't be working with TM or Transcendental Meditation anytime soon. Why? Because I have my own methods and meditations, and each will be tapered to YOU and the issues you are working through. (I only mention TM as it's one of the most popular forms of meditation, and many think it's the ONLY form, which it's obviously not.) Once again, if you have any questions or concerns in regards to any of what I've written above, please feel free to call me or email me. My contact information is listed below. 

So, to quickly summarize, I offer a FREE evaluation of your health and issues you want to work on, a FREE lesson on EFT Tapping, and a FREE lesson on how to do meditation. Then you will have a 90 minute session with me, combining EFT Tapping and Guided Meditation, all for only $65.00.

Understand as well that once you learn the EFT Tapping protocol, you can perform it at home, or anywhere. This also goes for your meditation practice. If you have serious problems and issues, you may NEED to do these techniques at home, between our scheduled sessions! The protocols I teach you are yours to keep forever, as well.

Also know that if EFT Tapping in Prescott is not for you, we can drop it. We will first discuss why it's not working, or why you don't like it, but we can certainly drop this portion of the protocol and just perform guided meditation in Prescott. This works the other way around, also. If you don't want to do meditation, we can certainly spend the entire 90 minute session just performing EFT Tapping. Please know that the two techniques do work hand-in-hand, so I really prefer to combine them with you. But again, if one of them isn't working for you, we can drop it. No strings attached!

That's all I have for now. I wanted to get this up, as I'm already getting calls for my services and this blog has only been 'live' for a couple weeks. Good news! So, give me a call at my number listed below, and we can begin your evaluation ASAP. We can even do this over the phone if you would like. Then, on to EFT Tapping in Prescott as well as Guided Meditation in Prescott. Fun stuff, and I look forward to helping your healing as soon as you are ready!  


Kris Kelley
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May Meditations

It's already the end of May! What happened to this month? Oh well, time flies when you're having fun! And I hope you are having fun as well! The weather here in Prescott, Arizona has finally warmed and it's simply beautiful outdoors! That means I'm spending a lot of time outside, and not writing blog posts. I love 'outdoor meditation,' and that's probably what I'll post here for one of the May meditations. How to meditate outdoors. It's a bit different, I must say.

But, for now, I'm extremely busy, and I will need to get back here at another time to post how to do meditation outdoors. I don't have time to write, right now. But, until then, I do have one meditation tip for you: Just get outside, take a nice relaxing walk, take some deep breaths, and be thankful, grateful, and happy that you are alive. Sound good? Great!

So, I'll see you soon!

Kris Kelley
How To Do Meditation In Prescott
EFT Tapping In Prescott
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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Meditation for Anxiety In Prescott

Read this post for learning how to use meditation for anxiety in Prescott Arizona. As with my other posts here, I just don't have time to write at this moment. I will 'fill in the blanks' as soon as I have more time. But for now, it's just headings, titles and topics, only. Sorry! I'll get to writing more about each and every topic, here, soon enough!

Kristopher Kelley

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

April Meditations - Breath Meditation & Stress Relief Meditation

Okay, let's get to a couple April meditations. I will post a couple different forms of meditations each month, for a couple reasons. One, if you don't care for the form or style of meditation you are practicing, you can use one of these. And second, to give you an idea of just how many forms of meditation are out there. The two I have chosen for the month of April are simple forms of stress relief meditation, first, and then breath meditation.

Please note that unless you feel your current meditation is harmful to you in any way, or it really just doesn't feel right, do your best to stick with any form of meditation you choose for at least six months. Why? This will give you time, and a chance to see if this meditation is really for you, and is just a bit difficult, or if there really is something inherently not good about that form of meditation. It's a fine line you need to work through, and understand.

So now, on with the chosen two, for our April meditations!

The first I would like to present to you is entitled, Stress Relief Meditation. I have also seen this form of meditation called the 30-second meditation. I'm not going to explain it much, here, as I have written a couple pages describing this form of meditation on my massage website. So, if you would like to take a look, please visit this page, entitled, Stress Relief Meditation. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please call me or email me. My contact information is below.

The next form of meditation I'll describe is breath meditation, and I've explained it below the picture.

The next form of meditation for our April meditations is probably the most popular of ALL meditations, breath meditation. Many, many forms of meditation are tied to our breathing, and or counting our breath in one form or another. Here is my take on one form of it, below.

Counting your breath is a meditation essentially designed to teach and practice the ability to do one thing at a time. It seems simple at first, but do not let it’s apparent simplicity fool you. It is very hard, requires a great deal of practice, and if you can work at it consistently, has definite positive psychological and physiological effects.

I suggest that you try this breath meditation for 15 to 20 minutes in order to get a sense of what this meditation work feels like. You start by placing yourself in a comfortable position so that you will get as few distracting signals from your body as possible. This may be either sitting, lying on the floor, or standing, depending on your particular wishes. Set an alarm or timer on your watch or phone for 15 or 20 minutes, or if this is not available, place a clock face where you can see it without moving your head. If you use an alarm clock or timer, use one with a gentle sound.

Now, simply count silently each time you breathe out. Count 'one' for the first breath, 'two' for the second, 'three' for the third, and 'four' for the fourth, and then start with 'one' again. Keep repeating this procedure until the 15 or 20 minutes are up.

The goal is to be doing simply that (breathing and counting) and nothing more. If other thoughts enter into your mind, and they will, simply accept the fact that you are straying from the instructions and bring yourself gently and firmly back to the counting. No matter what other thoughts, feelings or perceptions come during this breath meditation time, your task is simply to keep counting your breath’s, so keep trying to be doing only that. Doing or being conscious of anything else during this period is wandering away from the task

Do not expect to do well at it, and to be able to succeed for more than a couple of seconds or even minutes at a time and being aware only of your counting is very difficult. This takes long practice. Remember, meditation is simple, yet not easy! Simply do your best, and begin right now!

The practice of breath meditation is not an easy one. The first shock of surprise comes when we realize how undisciplined our mind really is; how it refuses to do the bidding of our will. After 20 minutes of attempting only to count our breaths and not be thinking of anything else, you realize that if our bodies were half as unresponsive to our will as our minds are, we would never make it through the day alive. We find ourselves thinking of all sorts of other things rather than the simple thing we have just decided to think about, or meditate on (our breath.) 

So, give it a try, and let's see how you do. Again, as always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave comments below, or write me an email or call me. Thanks for your time, and I strongly urge you to quickly begin one of these two meditation practices. They are simple, and fun to work with! Just remember, practice makes perfect! 

Kristopher Kelley
(928) 273-8666

Sunday, March 31, 2019

When To Perform Meditation

This post will be about when to perform meditation. I don't have a lot to say about this, but as I'm asked all the time by clients about when they should do their meditation(s), I suppose I should answer the question for clients and everyone else who reads this blog. So, let's begin!

Let me ask you a question, first. What do you hope to get out of your meditations? I ask, because in answering this question, first, you may then taper 'when to perform meditation' to what you want to get out of it.

The 'experts' and science people tell us that that best time to perform meditation is first thing in the morning, then followed by when you are stressed out, during your lunch break, and after work or at the end of your day. We are told it's not a good idea to meditate right before bed, or sleep time, but I'll address that at the end of this post.

As I am not an expert, in my own opinion, yet have roughly 22 years experience performing meditation daily, I'll add my comments below this picture. The wording in this picture is important though, and my comments about it are listed below.

I agree that the best time, or when to perform meditation for the most bang for your buck, so to speak, is first thing in the morning. The experts and I agree! Let's look at the verbiage of the picture, above. Do you see the difference in the two comments? The 'Spirit' comment is in alignment with meditation first thing in the morning. Why? Because when you relax and meditate, find your peace within, first thing in the morning, everything else falls into place. It's a subtle but important point. If you don't understand this or 'get it,' ponder on it a bit further, and you will. If not, call me and we can discuss it! (I'm a bit of a talker, so watch out!) 

Now, with that said, just because you meditated first thing in the morning doesn't mean you are (always) going to have a great day. Far from it. After all my years of mediation, I've had plenty of days where I've had great morning meditations, then have had a horrible day! But, here's the thing: My morning meditation set me up to deal with the horrible day better than if I had not meditated. Believe me, I've tried it both ways. Meditation in the morning vs. no meditation in the morning. Meditation ALWAYS sets me up for a positive, productive day, even if there are a few road-bumps along the way. But as always, try it for yourself, and then see how it affects you!

As to the second recommendation by the experts in regards to when to perform meditation, they mention meditating before, during, or after moments or situations of stress, when you are pressed for time, overwhelmed, etc. I completely agree with this, and personally rank this as the number one time to perform meditation.

If you KNOW you have a stressful situation coming up, meditate first. If you have an unexpected stressful event arise, take deep breaths and relax during the encounter, and then meditate afterwards. With that said, you may ask the question, "how am I supposed to meditate during or after an event? I don't have that much time!" Well, this goes to the conversations about what 'meditation' is. I label sitting down, taking some deep breaths, relaxing, and clearing my mind, meditation. (I don't consider contemplating on the problem, or the stressful situation, meditation.) That's what EFT Tapping is for, and I will get to writing about that and how it ties in with meditation, at another time. 

So yes, perform 'mini-meditations' throughout the day, when you can. Stressful situations or not. There doesn't always have to be some 'crisis' for you to remember to perform meditation. Do it just for the hell of it! Or, do it when you feel great as well, not just when you are stressing.

Meditating on your lunch break is great as well, unless you don't have much time. Personally, and I really don't know how to explain this, but what you can do is perform 'eating meditation', or label it something else, and do this: Eat your food very slowly and with purpose, without a thought in your head. Truly enjoy it and relax. Don't think about each bite. Just eat, slowly, and experience the flavor of what it is you are eating. Breathe. Smile. Relax! That's meditation to me! (Just don't think.)

And, last but not least, you may certainly meditate after work or at the end of your day. (Just remember to clear out all the junk from the day, first, with EFT Tapping.) For me, and in regards to this post, meditation is not a 'pondering,' or a contemplation of the days events. Good or bad. It's a process of not-doing. Of being aware but not thinking. Yes, yes, there are styles of meditation where they ponder and contemplate and watch their thoughts and etc., etc., but it's not what I'm referring to in this post. Okay? Call me, or schedule a session, and I will explain all of this to you in person. So, back to point. Yes, at the end of your day is a great time to chill and clear your mind for some awareness training, aka meditation. 

Now, back to one of the comments above in regards to not performing mediation close to bedtime. 'They' say you should not meditate within an hour of sleep time, or going to bed. 'They' say that meditation and sleeping are not the same, and meditation (awareness training and a pick-me-up) should not lead into relaxing sleep. I agree that they are not the same, nor do either of them produce the same brain wave patterns, but if prior to sleep is the only time to meditate, do it!  

So, to wrap this up and answer the question, "When should I meditate?" my answer is, whenever you want to! And, hopefully, you 'want to,' often! If not, you need to ponder and think upon your meditations and get this process into your daily routine. 

One more topic to cover on this is in regards to your 'wants' and 'needs.' They are often not the same. You may not 'want' to meditate, but you certainly may 'need' to. See what I mean? Often time we don't feel like meditating, just like we don't feel like getting up and going to the gym for a workout. But, we NEED to do this for the health benefits and many other reasons. 

So, please keep this in mind. You should certainly want and need to meditate, but also know that there are times you won't 'want' to meditate. But, do it anyway! Got it? Good!

Okay, that's enough for now. I'm sure I will clean this post up in the future, but I'm out of 'writing time' at the moment. Yard work to do, and then meditation! 

Until next time,

Kristopher Kelley
(928) 273-8666

Saturday, March 23, 2019

How To Do Meditation Successfully

This post will focus on how to do meditation successfully.

So, the first question is, what does this word mean, success or successfully? Well, it's all about you, and how you define success. I would say, "to achieve the desired results." My first question would be, in an attempt to answer this question, is what is your goal, and or purpose, in regards to meditation? You will need to set some parameters in regards to what it is you are doing, and what you want to get out of meditation in Prescott, Arizona, why you are meditating, etc.

This question on how to do meditation successfully is related to two other posts I have written. Read these two posts along with this one, and it may give you some insight in regards to what you are doing with meditation and why you are doing it. Here are the two posts, What Is Meditation, and How To Do Meditation Correctly. After reading these you should be a bit more clear with your goals.

Now back to the topic of how to do meditation successfully. This is a rather deep question to answer if you relax and think about it for any length of time. Ponder upon this question: "What does 'how to do meditation successfully' mean to me?" Ask yourself these questions: "What? When? Where? Why? How?" A couple examples may be, "What IS, or what DOES meditation mean to me? Or, what does successful completion of a meditation session mean to me? When will I perform this? Where will I perform this, as in a specific location. Why am I performing this act? (Meditation.) How am I going to go about it? Ponder these and write them down in your meditation journal.

This should get you started for now. Not the actual process of mediation, or how to do meditation successfully, but more to pondering the questions above prior to getting started in actual meditation. Give me a call or send me an email if you would like to discuss this topic further. I can, and will, certainly share my own definitions and opinions with you in regards to this topic.

Why do you need to do this, all the information mentioned above? To get a clearer picture in regards to what you are doing and why you are doing it. If you don't know where you are going, how will you know if you get there? Also, if you don't know 'why' you are doing something such as meditation, they you probably won't stick with it for very long. Visiting this page may have given you some purpose as to why you are here, but we need to start off on the right foot, so to speak.

Now obviously you can start basic meditation right away. But I think that if you want to continue to perform meditation in a efficient and effective manner, to be successful, you will need to answer the questions above, first. This will keep you going once the 'newness' wears off. Meditation has become a 'fad,' and to really get into the 'deep work' and really see some success, however you define it, you will need to meditate, daily, for at least a year or more. This sounds like a long time, but it's really not. And to learn how to do meditation successfully, you will need to work through all of this.

But that's not to say that you won't see benefits of meditation for at least a year. Not at all! Once you have the basics down, you may see results as quickly as just a day or two. This depends on your intent, how well you focus, and again, being clear of what it is you are looking to achieve.

So, as the picture states above, give yourself time. Learning how to do meditation successfully takes time. How much time? That depends on you and me. If you select me as your meditation mentor, I can guide you through all of these steps or phases you will go through. And yes, we will have some deep philosophical discussions! No worries though. I'll walk you through those as well!

Okay, enough for now. I will be back to this 'core post,' on this blog, to add more content, when I have time. I wanted to at least get you started on how to do meditation successfully with a few pointers to begin with. Have fun with this and don't press yourself to hard. Focus, concentrate, write down your answers, ponder your reasons for meditation, but put a smile on your face and have some fun with it. How to do meditation successfully won't come over night!

And, here is a teaser for your mind...If you ponder upon this long enough, perhaps even your definition of 'success' will change, thus changing your entire purpose for meditating in the first place! How about them beans! So, get to meditating and let's see what happens!

Enjoy, and until next time,

Kristopher Kelley
Meditation Mentor
How To Do Meditation In Prescott
EFT Tapping In Prescott
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Monday, March 11, 2019

Brazilian Blowout In Prescott Arizona

While you are contemplating how to do meditation in Prescott Arizona, why not join me in a shameless plug and advertising stunt for my sweetie, Dawn David? She is a hair stylist in Prescott, and always looking for new clients and new business. Also, to sweeten the deal, she is currently running a promotion and special, listed here, Brazilian Blowout In Prescott Arizona. You can save $125.00 off the regular price! This is a huge deal!

I promise, that one of these days, I will have time to write about this topic, how to do meditation. It's really not that difficult. Well, let me re-phrase that. It's simple; not easy. Figure that saying out and you will answer the question, "how to do meditation?" Grins.

Enough for now. Back to work!

Kristopher Kelley

Thursday, January 31, 2019

What Is Meditation

This is a more recent blog of mine, and one of the the very first posts is about 'what is meditation', and a re-entry if you will, back into the Health and Wellness Industry for me! What better way to begin than with meditation training! So, the first question is, what IS meditation? Well, before I get to that, I need to give you just a small taste of my background and what I have been doing for the past 10 years, and slowly work in to how I discovered how powerful meditation really is. 

Over a year ago, in Las Vegas where I lived, I worked as a medical massage therapist, personal trainer, and personal performance mentor, for almost 10 years. After I moved back to Prescott Arizona in March 2018, having spent 30 years in Las Vegas performing multiple jobs in different industries, I took a year off from work to enjoy nature, then looking to integrate back into the 'corporate world.' I have done that and it's okay, yet now I really desire to get back to helping and assisting people, one-on-one, with their health and fitness goals and opportunities.

So, here I am, looking to create some marketing and advertising for my new business, engaging people like you who are interested in healing yourself. After a lifetime of physical work on myself, and 10 years of working with mostly 'physical' bodies of clients, I have shifted my methods to a more 'mental' form of self-help for health and wellness, such as meditation. Thus, we need to answer the question, what is meditation? But first, let's look at our human condition.

Why? Because the Mind and Body are One, not two separate entities, yet the Mind runs the Body, not the other way around. Think about it. If you are trying to strengthen a muscle or muscles in your body, which gives out first? Your mental attitude, or your physical body? Unless you are in exceptional shape, the mind quits before the body does.

When you are attempting to lose weight, which is the more difficult battle - Dealing with all your mental cravings for food you are not supposed to eat, and 'mentally' preparing yourself for a workout you really don't want to go and do, or just your physical body complaining? Almost always, your mental state robs you of your desire to achieve your goals WAY before your body does.

Think of all the 'excuses' your mind comes up with..."I don't have time to workout today!" "Oh, those three cookies won't affect my diet." "I really don't feel like getting in the car to go and workout." Are you beginning to see how this works? The mind runs the body!

This is what I am focusing on and spending my time on with clients: Mind over Matter.

Specifically, and to the point, using my Mind-Body Relaxation Protocol to solve very difficult issues clients have. Such as: Serious chronic physical pain such as low back pain, sciatica, arthritis pain, etc. Other serious health issues such as high blood pressure and high heart rate, caused by stress. Anxiety issues. Serious health issues like these, above. (If you have a specific health issue and are wondering if meditation or my Protocol can assist, please contact me. My contact information is at the bottom of this post.) 

This isn't just a 'how to learn meditation' course or blog. Sure, you can use me for that, if you would just like to learn to meditate. Yet, what I am offering is a specific protocol for your specific issues, thus the higher expense. If you want to pay me to learn how to meditate, that's cool as well! But again though, this Mind-Body Relaxation Protocol I'm offering is mostly used for very specific physical and mental traumas; ailments of the mind and body that have persisted and diminished your lifestyle for many, many years. Or, some issues that has recently cropped up, and you want to 'nip it in the bud' right away, before it turns into some chronic health issue.

When most people ask the question, "what is meditation?" they are usually asking about the 'process' of, what is meditation. To be honest, there are probably millions of forms or meditation processes. Sitting, standing, walking, dreaming, lying down meditation, each with its own set of protocols and 'rules' to follow. 

Let me give you my two cents worth. Also, I will add to this post as I continue on explaining what it is we are trying to accomplish with my Mind-Body Relaxation Protocol, using both EFT Tapping and meditation (as well as other modalities.) I have many paths of healing to offer to you. Why? Because I'm here to assist you in healing, and you may need something different than 'mainstream medicine' to fix, assist, cure, or heal you. 

So, let me do my best in explaining, "what is meditation?" 

For me, meditation is a process used for letting go. Meditation is a not-doing, as opposed to a 'doing.' It's doing nothing to achieve everything. It's lightly focusing my mind on a particular object, or on nothing, to train awareness and attention, doing my best to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. Residing and abiding in non-dual awareness.

Meditation is a tough minded, hard discipline (perhaps the toughest or hardest thing or process you have ever done in your life,) to help you move forward towards your goals, or just living a satisfied life, whatever that means to you

What is meditation, again? It's a coming home to our full potential as human beings. It's a completeness we feel while performing it. It allows us to 'come back' to something like 'home.' Silent knowledge, used to access more of our human potential.

Perhaps the primary goal of meditation is the tuning and training of our person so that we can effectively move toward our goals in a clear and concise fashion. How does all of that sound to you? 

Sounds okay to me. I'm just winging it right now off the top of my head. Why? Because I don't find any of the 'traditional' definitions of meditation satisfactory. Also, there are so many forms and styles of meditation, it's tough to zero in on. What have you heard meditation defined as? Feel free to add your comments below.

Many definitions of meditation, to me, are not accurate in regards to what I'm doing. They are not wrong, mind you. I just don't see their definitions fitting what I'm doing. Many definitions are similar to those who wish to 'ponder' or 'contemplate' on a subject or topic. That's not what I'm doing, especially when I'm teaching beginners to meditate.

But, I will get to further clarification as to 'what is meditation?' when I write future posts. Enough 'words' for now. Please remember, the map is not the territory. If you don't understand this either, that's okay as well. I will cover this topic in a future post, also! So, enough for now. I'm tired of writing and need to go meditate!

Until next time,

Kristopher Kelley
Personal Performance Mentor
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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Meditation In Prescott Arizona

I'm still organizing this blog, so I've yet to post anything of significance. This post will be about attracting clients here in Prescott Arizona for meditation in Prescott Arizona. What is the main thrust of this blog, and how I actually perform meditation? First, keep it as simple as possible. Simplicity Itself. Second, you can meditate anywhere, anytime, very quickly. These are the points I will emphasize in these blog posts.

As for now, I have so many other chores to do that this blog will have to wait. I will certainly get around to posting about meditation in Prescott Arizona, just not today.

Kristopher Kelley
(928) 273-8666

P.S. - Contact me if you want to learn mediation, or are having difficulties meditating.

June Meditations

I know, I know, I don't even have May meditations up yet, let alone June. Busy around here. I'll get to this one of these days! Kr...